My Oh, My Little Putin… The Mischievous Collectible Comrade


My Oh, My Little Putin, the Collectible Comrade

The Epi-CENTAUR of Geo-Political Mischief

Saddle up the collectible Comrade! Hop aboard the back of My Oh, My Little Putin as he gallops triumphantly towards diplomatic misadventures and seeks out the true meaning of friendship through international hijinks. He is half bare-chested personification of smoldering intensity, half majestic and noble stallion, and 100% forged from the strongest Soviet era vinyl mined deep from within the icy heart of Siberia. Russian bears weep in his presence. Rival empires quiver and bend to his effortless puppet mastery. This thoroughbred stud is The Epi-Centaur of Geo-Political Mischief and a very worthy adversary or best friend to any world superpower.

Are you not impressed? Why are you still wearing a shirt? This is the by far the most exceptional Vladimir Putin on the market. Puff out your chest with the pride befitting the steamy, long-tenured Russian President himself and purchase this fantastic collectible today!

BONUS FEATURE:  Hammer and Sickle Tail Comb accessory included. Groom your My, Oh My Little Putin to keep him looking stately and fabulous.

  • High quality vinyl figure with synthetic tail hair
  • Plastic hammer and sickle tail comb accessory included
  • Each figure is approximately 5.2″ tall
  • 13+ age recommendation
  • Boxed Dimensions: 5.25″ W x 7.25″ H x 2.38″ D

From the collapse of the “Evil Empire”
a mythological figure emerged:
a bare chested steed – a very rare breed;
his enemies soon to be purged.

To secure his position, he went on a mission
and wreaked havoc across the land.
He skewed people’s views by creating “Fake News”,
and it all came together as planned.

He made his selection to ruin elections,
and his masterful plan came to pass.
He smiled and exclaimed as he rode out of town,
“Well I’ll be a horse’s…

Pair the collectible comrade with the Trump Troll to make some laughs or a statement in your collection

In stock (can be backordered)

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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