​How to Play Zombie 15

​How to Play Zombie 15

Posted by AC on Mar 13th 2024

How to Play Zombie 15:


  • Zombie 15 is a fast-paced, intense zombie survival board game. This article discusses the basics of the game, the setup, and the essential rules to get you started.


  • Game board
  • 4 double-sided Survivor cardsZombie 15
  • 70 Zombie cards
  • 15 Search cards
  • 32 Event cards
  • 12 Objective cards
  • 35 plastic stands
  • 6 noise tokens
  • 6 experience tokens
  • 24 zombie tokens
  • 1 CD soundtrack (You need a CD player for this game)


  1. Game Board: Place the game board in the center of the table. This will be the city where your survivors navigate through hordes of zombies.
  2. Survivor Cards: Each player chooses a Survivor card, placing it in front of them. Make sure to use the side that corresponds to the chosen character's difficulty level.
  3. Objective Cards: Shuffle the Objective cards and place three of them face-up on the table.
  4. Noise Tokens: Place the noise tokens near the game board, easily accessible to all players.
  5. Zombie Cards: Shuffle the Zombie cards and place them face-down as the Zombie draw pile.
  6. Search Cards: Shuffle the Search cards and form a draw pile.
  7. Experience Tokens: Place the experience tokens within reach of all players.
  8. Event Cards: Shuffle the Event cards and place them face-down as the Event draw pile.
  9. Zombie Tokens: Place the Zombie tokens in a pile near the game board.
  10. CD Soundtrack: Prepare a device to play the Zombie 15 soundtrack. The soundtrack adds an immersive element to the game.

Basic Gameplay

  • Objective
    • Work together with your team to complete the objectives before time runs out. Objectives are revealed at the beginning of the game.
  • Turns
    • The game consists of 15 real-time minutes. Each turn represents one minute. The CD soundtrack will guide your gameplay with various scenarios and events.
  • Movement
    • Survivors have a movement allowance per turn. Spend movement points wisely to explore the city, find items, and complete objectives.
  • Combat
    • When encountering zombies, engage in combat. Use weapons and abilities to defeat the undead. Be cautious, noise attracts more zombies!
  • Noise
    • Certain actions generate noise. Place noise tokens on the board, attracting zombies to those locations.
  • Searching
    • Search for items by drawing Search cards. These can provide weapons, healing items, or special abilities.
  • Leveling Up
    • Earn experience points by defeating zombies and completing objectives. Spend experience to level up your character.


  • Zombie 15 offers a thrilling and immersive experience that combines strategy and real-time action. As you navigate through the city, battling zombies and completing objectives, the tension builds with the soundtrack, creating a unique gaming adventure. Gather your team, brace yourself, and face the zombie apocalypse head-on!


  • Can I play Zombie 15 solo?
    • Yes, the game is designed for solo play, but it truly shines with a group of survivors.
  • How does the CD soundtrack enhance the game?
    • The soundtrack provides a real-time element, guiding the pace and intensity of the game, making each playthrough unique.
  • What happens if a survivor is bitten by a zombie?
    • Bitten survivors turn into zombies. The team must adapt quickly to the changing dynamics.
  • Can I replay Zombie 15 with different objectives?
    • Absolutely! The game offers variability with different Survivor cards, objectives, and events, ensuring each game feels fresh.