Aliens Music of the Spears 2

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Aliens Music of the Spears 2 (of 4). Feb 1994.

Composer Damon Eddington’s plan is to breed an Alien in captivity so he can stimulate and entice it into a rage – just for “the pure sound of it.” He starts by feeding terrified and utterly defenseless dogs and cats to the beast, but it hardly makes a sound while dispatching them in an instant. Maybe some larger and more voracious predatory animals would put up a better struggle? But as Damon daydreams about other more nefarious uses for his pet, he finally realizes that in order to achieve the sounds he wants, he’s going to need the ultimate predators to face off against the Alien – humans!

  • Story: Chet Willaimson
  • Art: Tim Hamilton and Tim Bradstreet
  • Cover: Tim Bradstreet and Guy Burwell

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