Bloodstrike 1

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Bloodstrike 1, Image Comics, Apr 1993

Blood Brothers: Prelude. When the government needs a job done, they call in the best, they call in Bloodstrike. An elite group of metas and efficient killers who accomplish their missions with deadly precision. Created out of Project: Born Again, Bloodstrike consists of Fourplay (giantess with four arms of terror), Deadlock (psychotic ex-member of the nefarious Four), Tag (the lassie with the freezing touch), Shogun (robotic killing machine), and Cabbot, their leader who has a mysterious connection to Battlestone, the leader of Brigade. Story continues in Brigade (2nd Series) #1.

  • Story: Rob Liefeld and Eric Stephenson
  • Art: Rob Liefeld, Dan Fraga, and Danny Miki

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