Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine

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Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine, Cover D, June 2016

Written by John Rhett Thomas. Movie Photo Cover. 

Celebrate the birthday of a living legend with an All-New, All-Different commemoration of 75 years of Captain America! From fans' first impression of Steve Rogers socking evil in the jaw, to Sam Wilson wielding the shield today, this magazine has it all - bringing you fully up to date with Cap's comics and films! 

From a guide to the firmest friends and fiercest foes of Cap's storied history, to an in-depth look at his timeless costume, to features focusing on some of the finest creators ever to write or draw the Sentinel of Liberty - including John Romita Sr., Mark Gruenwald, Mark Waid and the King himself, Jack Kirby! 

Plus: Interviews with Joe Simon, Jim Simon and Allen Bellman; comments on Jack Kirby from John Cassaday, Mark Bagley, Karl Kesel, Ryan Stegman, Alan Weiss, Rick Remender, Andy Lanning and Tom Scioli

Alex Ross, Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Saiz comment on Cap's costumes

Tom DeFalco, Paul Neary and Sara Gruenwald comment on Mark Gruenwald

Tracking Cap's Greatest Moments of Avengers Leadership; 2005-2015 - A Timeline of 10 Years of Cap; Classic Cap Team-Ups; Cap's Greatest Speeches; and The Art of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. 

Do your patriotic duty and take home this slice of red, white and blue. Captain - we salute you! 96 pages. All Ages.

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