Clear the Decks

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Clear the Decks

Age of Fighting Sail combat game, 1-4 player cooperative game where all players are on one ship fighting one enemy ship. Play time 30-90 minutes depending on difficulty and number of players (ages 10 and up).

Each player has three cannon and cards include Ammunition, Officers, Marines, and Tactics. The Enemy ship is created using 1 of 7 difficulty settings and has Cannon, Structures, Crew, and Events on top of the hull and leak cards.

Players win by destroying each hull section before all their guns are disabled or destroyed.
From the Manufacturer:

Load your cannons and prepare to repel boarders. Clear the Decks is a cooperative Naval warfare card game for 1 to 4 players with 9 difficulty levels. Solo or with up to 3 shipmates, each player commands three gun crews and uses a variety of ammunition, officers, tactics, and Marines to target the enemy ships structures, cannons, and crews. It is sink or survive as the enemy counterattacks to destroy your cannons or overwhelm you with boarders. Can you blast a leak in each section of the enemy ship’s hull before your guns are silenced?

The enemy is in sight! Find a crew, load your cannons, and pick your targets. It’s time to Clear the Decks

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