Dark Horse Presents 152

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Dark Horse Presents 152, Dark Horse Comics, Mar 2000

Mankind faces its most dire threat yet in It! The Beast from Twenty Billion Years Beyond Earth, script and art by Pete Von Sholly; a Vonshollywood Retro-Classic told in photo-realistic Fumettivision.

Bike Messenger, Kill, Kill, script by Kumar Sivasubramanian, art by Mulele Jarvis; in San Francisco, circa 2060 A.D., potato-powered jet bikes, telepathic gangster dogs, and killer cabbies are all part of a day's work for mute bike messenger Miguel.

Atomic Spies on the Loose, script and art by Jason Armstrong; a Kirby-esque installment of Doc Thunder. 36 pgs., B&W.

Cover Art: Pete Von Sholly.

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