Jersey Devil Wild Hair Creations Creatures of Legends and Lore

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Popular legend states that in 1735 a very fruitful Jane Leeds discovered she was regrettably pregnant for a thirteenth time. Exhausted and frustrated after previously agonizing through 12 colonial-era childbirths, she cursed the unborn child and called it the Devil.

Well, that did it. Born seemingly normal, the child transformed shortly after birth into a hellish hoofed creature with a goat head, leathery bat wings, razor sharp claws, and a wicked tail – the Jersey Devil. It then attacked the midwife and with a blood-curdling scream flew up the chimney, vanishing into the Pine Barrens thereafter. Countless attempts to exorcise the demonic presence since have all failed. Disappearances of livestock, child abductions, and several mysterious deaths have all been purportedly linked to the sinister creature. Rock-a-bye baby…

  • Figure number 4 in the set.
  • All creatures are high quality vinyl figures with synthetic hair
  • Each figure is approximately 5.5″ tall including hair
  • 4+ age recommendation
  • Meets all ASTM and CPSIA toy safety standards
  • Boxed Dimensions: 4″ W x 6.75″ H x 1.9″ D

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