Nosferatu Giclee

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Nosferatu Giclee by Juan Rubi

  • Medium: Giclée Edition
  • Size: 16.9 x 12.6 in
  • Series: Expressionist

Nosferatu is a unique A.P. (Artist Proof) of this excellent giclée, approved and hand signed by Juan Rubí, the creator of the original drawing.

Juan Rubí is an Spanish illustrator with more that 18 years of experience. He is specialized in children illustration, toy art, comic, horror artwork and character design. Along with Carles Jiménez he owns Dkiller Panda, a design and illustration studio based in Barcelona. They have worked in the field of design, comic-book, illustration books, merchandising (toys, mugs, posters, Rubik’s cubes …). Among his books are such great titles as Cuentos de Edgar Allan Poe, or Le Monde secret des automates. They have received several awards among them has been the Unicorn prize for the best cartoonists 2011 in the Fantastic Film and Science Fiction Week of the Costa del Sol.

This work comes directly from the artist personal collection. (Other Rubi works available here)

This exclusive piece is hand signed by the artist and includes the Certificate of Authenticity.

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