Republican Elephant Wild Hair Creations Party Animals

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Republican Elephant Wild Hair Creations Party Animals

Pint-sized Pachyderm that Packs a Political Punch!

A rumble, a trumpet, a great cloud of dust.

The elephant charges! He’ll do what he must,

To drain that swamp dry and cut regulation

That stands in the way of the growth of our nation.

He’s pounding the pavement, delivering bold greetings

From DC to Iowa, in little town meetings.

You say you want progress in the upcoming term?

Then vote for this “Grand” red-haired pachyderm!

Party Animal Specifications

  • All Party Animals are high quality vinyl figures with synthetic hair
  • Each figure is approximately 5″ tall including hair
  • 4+ age recommendation
  • Meets all ASTM and CPSIA toy safety standards
  • Boxed Dimensions: 4″ W x 6.75″ H x 1.9″ D


In today’s political climate, we need to remember that differences of opinion and the ability to freely discuss those opinions is part of what makes America great. Wild Hair Party Animals help you celebrate this freedom to openly debate with the fun, traditional mascot of the Republican Party.

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