The Mighty Thor 457

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The Mighty Thor 457, Marvel Comics (Jan 1993)

Final Gauntlet! - Eric undertakes the Gauntlet of the Grim Guardian; He enters his own subconscious, and faces past foes as well as past loves; Sparky guides him though, and he faces the Grim Guardian; The Guardian is himself, who represents his anger, and wants to keep the power of Thor; Eric embarrasses him and accepts him, and the Guardian vanishes; He finally finds Thor trapped in a castle, and when he touches him, there is a brilliant flash of light and they are both free; Thor gives Mjolnir to Eric so that he can protect Earth, while Thor will stay in Asgard, and asks Sif to marry him, which she accepts.

  • Story: Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz
  • Art and Cover Art: Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom

Back-up Story: To Love No More - Heimdall asks the Enchantress to marry him.

  • Story: Tom DeFalco
  • Art: Geof Isherwood

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