Ticket to Ride First Journey

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Ticket to Ride First Journey is a stand-alone game that does not require the original version to play. It is the perfect, all ages introduction to the popular tabletop franchise!

First Journey offers unique rules designed for a younger audience that retain the strategy, charm, and fun of the original Ticket to Ride. The whole family will enjoy claiming routes and completing Tickets!

Aspiring engineers will play matching colored Train cards, or Locomotive cards that can act as any color, to claim routes across the map board!

Crafty engineers who claim routes from coast-to-coast will earn a bonus Ticket, taking them one step closer to victory!

Ticket cards guide players to connect specific routes. Gain new Tickets when you complete one. If you can’t fulfill your Tickets, discard and draw new ones to keep your trains moving!

To win and claim the Golden Ticket, players race to be the first to complete six Tickets before anyone else.

The cute plastic trains and fun, cartoon-like art style of Ticket to Ride First Journey makes the game attractive to young and young-at-heart players.

Gather the family and set off on a cross-country train adventure across the United States in Ticket to Ride First Journey!

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